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Our studies are providing the Bangladesh government with the researching findings needed to improve financing policy for small businesses. We publish research reports and policy briefs on this website and our social media channels.


Policy Study: Cluster and Value Chain Financing for MSEs in Bangladesh

This study aims to define interventions that are required to address the challenges for cluster and value chain development and financing and define the role of key finance sector actors. It also provides recommendations to policy makers to develop a more effective policy environment to promote cluster and value chain development and financing in the short, medium and long term.


Policy study: Mobile Financial Services for MSEs in Bangladesh

This study identifies key challenges and opportunities to address access to finance of MSEs by mobile financial service providers. This study includes primary and secondary research and a detailed review of existing literature on use of MFS in Bangladesh.


Policy study: Diagnostics of Micro-enterprise Lending by MFIs in Bangladesh

This research identifies constraints to developing micro-enterprises, especially relating to financing issues. It outlines strategies for promoting and developing micro-enterprises, constraints they face, their current financial and capital structure, intensity of access to different credit markets. It also provides estimates of projected demand for micro-enterprise credit, and it suggests policy options for improving accessibility of micro-enterprises to credit markets. The potential of banks and microfinance institutions in financing of micro-enterprise has particularly been examined in the study. 


Policy Study: Review of SME Credit-related Policies of Bangladesh Bank Areas of further improvement with a focus on Micro and Small Enterprise (mSE) Finance

This study examines stakeholder perspectives and experience of using the mSME and SME Policy of BB. It recommends a suitable definition of mSMEs that may contribute towards formulation of an SME strategy document of the Ministry of Industry, and MRA’s attempt to define micro-enterprises (mEs). IT also appraises the feasibility of developing two separate policies for financing of different enterprise segments, say, mSEs and medium enterprises (MEs), or, mEs and SMEs. It also recommends further improvements of Bangladesh Bank’s current SME Policy, which is presumed to include micro-enterprises as well.