Coming 24 May: National Financial Inclusion Strategy consultation with international development partners

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The Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh team is working with government in Bangladesh to develop a draft National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2018-2021. We have hosted consultations nationwide with small business owners, government, finance sector, and the country's Digital Finance Consultative Group to understand their perspectives on the draft Strategy. On Thursday 24 May, one week from today, we will assemble the country's international development community to hear their views, too.

The National Financial Inclusion Strategy for Bangladesh is a public document roadmap to help excluded populations get access to financial services. The Strategy aims to:

  • Assist Government to adopt a coordinated approach across ministries, public and private sectors

  • Raise national awareness of the need for greater financial inclusion

  • Build trust and collaboration among stakeholders

  • Implement, coordinate and monitor actions

This event on Thursday 24 May in Dhaka is an important opportunity for the international development community to come together and discuss how the National Financial Inclusion Strategy can set out a vision for inclusive finance in Bangladesh.

Thursday 24 May event details

Venue: Westin Ballroom 3

3:00 PM: Registration and welcome refreshment

3:30 PM: Welcome address by Mr. Manoj Kumar Biswas, General Manager, Sustainable Finance Department, Bangladesh Bank and Deputy Project Director, BFP-B Project

3:40 PM: Background of National Financial Inclusion Strategy for Bangladesh, Mr. Feisal Hussain, Team Leader, Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh (BFP-B)

3:50 PM: Presentation on draft NFIS for Bangladesh, Dr. Mustafa K. Mujeri, Team Leader, National Financial Inclusion Strategy for Bangladesh

4:20 PM: Open discussion

5:20 PM: Prioritization of recommendations

5:40 PM: Address by Ms. Afsana Islam, Private Sector Advisor, DFID Bangladesh

5:50 PM: Address by Chief Guest, Mr. Arijit Chowdhury, Additional Secretary, Financial Institutions Division, Ministry of Finance and Chair of BFP-B Project Policy Working Committee (PWC)

6:00 PM: Refreshment and Iftar

How to register interest in attendance

  • If your international development organisation is interested in being part of this important opportunity to discuss the National Financial Inclusion Strategy for Bangladesh, please send an RSVP email to

  • Pre-event registration is necessary. In RSVP emails, please include your full name, your organisation, and your role at the organisation.

  • Attendance and space in the venue is limited, so we will be unable to accommodate all registrations of interest.

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