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The Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh (BFP-B) Challenge Fund invites match funding applications to launch cutting-edge innovations that can improve financing opportunities for the country’s small businesses.

If your organisation has plans to bring innovative products, and services to under-served small businesses in Bangladesh, fill in the form below, and then submit a 5-minute video pitch for any of the following window.

Window 1: Investment readiness

Investment readiness deals with third party B2B solutions that address the problem of readiness of small businesses and the confidence of Financial Institutions to finance them (Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and Micro-Finance Institutions). Fund size GBP 150,000 - GBP 250,000

Window 2: Last mile distribution

Last mile distribution deals with direct B2B solutions that make established distribution channel become more customer centric and efficient for financial institutions. Fund size GBP 200,000 - GBP 300,000

Window 3: Alternative financial platforms and instruments

The Alternative financial platforms and instruments deals with B2B solutions that enable businesses to share or transfer risks, for example, access to equity and insurance to finance their business. Fund size GBP 200,000 - GBP 300,000

Rolling round application stage and funding opportunity

Rolling round application stage and funding opportunity


Remember: after you fill in this form, you must upload a video pitch (5 minutes maximum) to WeTransfer and send to

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Below are instructions for sending your video pitch. Read closely.


Uploaded your form? Now, it's time to send us your video pitch.

  • What existing problem in the market for MSEs and financial institutions will you aim to address? Please refer to the challenge fund windows

  • How will your proposed solution solve that problem?

  • Why do you think your solution is commercially viable

  • Number of micro and small enterprises that will benefit with volume of MSE financing

  • Do you need any regulatory approvals

  • Upload videos (200MB maximum) via WeTransfer to

  • Upload videos in compressed MP4 format

  • Videos may incorporate visuals

  • For ease, use a smartphone that shoots film in high definition, or a dSLR camera

  • You can submit your pitch either in Bengali or English

  • Remember that people speak at roughly 150 words per minute. Plan your video accordingly.

  • Video should not exceed 5 minutes

  • Scoring of pitches will not be affected by quality of cinematography